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Our History

The SUYASH STONE CLINIC & LITHOTRIPSY CENTRE is an institution that believes in upholding the highest morals of health care and providing cost effective day care solutions for people with stone disease. Located at Raipur, Chhattisgarh, the clinic caters to all strata of society with a compassion that is second to none.

At SUYASH STONE CLINIC & LITHOTRIPSY CENTRE German Holium Yag Laser is used for treating Urinary and Gall bladder calculi. The advantages of the laser beam are many. The beam helps in breaking down even harder stones that do not respond to conventional treatment techniques. The laser current is very focused and does not spread outside. Surgery is done as day care with minimal pain and discomfort with minimal recuperation time. Well qualified nursing staff with technicians who are conscientious about patient welfare abound and make the clinic the destination of choice for stone care.

At the SUYASH STONE CLINIC & LITHOTRIPSY CENTRE, we understand that stone disease is an emergency and patients present with varying degrees of discomfort and pain. These patients are triaged right at the front desk where efforts are made on a war footing to relieve pain even before they see the doctor. Well trained nurses and theater technicians abound at the clinic making it a warm and friendly place. Adequate instructions are given to patients to relieve them of their anxiety before they actually undergo the procedure.




It is our vision to exceed our patients' expectations in every way possible. We will succeed by providing the best quality dental care complemented by the very finest customer service with no exceptions.we will continue to grow and foster our relationship with our community.


Our mission is to offer to our patients the finest dental care in mid Missouri and provide exceptional, prompt customer service.We'll work together with our patients to improve oral health, speech, chewing ability,& cosmetic appearance to enhance nutrition, confidence, & quality of life.


At Suyash Stone Clinic & Lithotripsy Centre, the patient is the most important person in our hospital. Our commitment to excellence not only must emphasize the technical skills of dentistry but also reflect strong components of humanism, kindness, and compassion.